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There is an explosion in popularity in the Craft Beer and Fine Wine industry over the past decade. At Hops n Grapes we’re proud to say we have been at the forefront of serving the local community by providing them with hard to find Craft Beer and Fine Wines at unbeatable prices!

We work directly with over 50 breweries in order to create an ever expanding selection of the finest brews available. We have the knowledge and the passion to provide our consumers with the products you want and with the customer service that is unlike any other online retailer.

Our 10 Pick

On our site you will find our pick of 10 Craft Beers & 10 Wine. This pick of 10 will change every two weeks, so be sure to check back at the site often to see what’s on deck.

Why only 10?

We choose to focus on only 10 amazing Craft Beers and 10 Fine Wines at Hops n Grapes.  While there are 100’s of great products available to us all the time, we’ve found that narrowing our focus on a smaller number of specific products serves our customers  in two very important ways.  We bring the best quality products available and we leverage our tremendous buying power to give you the best possible price!

Local Flavor

Based in West Sacramento, California, we live and work in the heart of the Farm to Fork capital of the world.  With so many breweries and wineries only a stones throw away, we are fortunate in being able to bring the best Northern California has to offer all together in our local store.  Since we have become a popular go to destination for Craft Beer & Fine Wine in our local community we will also have a local special every week.

Available only for in-store pick up, our weekly local special will be sure to please!