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French Rosé 3 for $33

Hey everyone! I figured mid-Summer is the perfect time to come out swinging with the patio wine and what better place to start than France? I know, French wine can be overwhelming because look at those labels, I don’t speak French, but I do speak good wine and better yet, great values! Ro asked me to find some amazing wine that everyone could enjoy, so that is exactly what I’ve done. 3 dry Rosé wines, all from different regions of France and all made from different varietals of grapes.

Rosé wines typically gain their color from the juice of the pressed grapes coming in contact with the Red grapes. The length of time differs from winery to winery, but the goal is always the same: Create a delicious wine!

Louis Jadot 2019 Rosé is made up of 100% Gamay Noir grapes. The same grapes that make up beautiful fruit forward Beaujolais wines out of Burgundy, France. This wine is bright and will wake your palate up as if you just had a mouthful of tart raspberries. The wine has great acidity to it making your mouth water and ready to eat some delicious Smoked Chicken, grilled Salmon or even grilled mushrooms along with it. Don’t be afraid to take this to your next BBQ.

VillaViva Cotes de Thau 2019 Rosé is made up of 100% Carignan grapes. What’s cool (literally), about these grapes is that they are planted in vineyards along the Mediterranean with a cool coastal breeze. This breeze causes the grapes to ripen at a slower rate while also letting them build up their acid and ripeness at similar levels which in turn equals a very well balanced wine. This wine is the most ripe-fruit forward of the bunch, like a bowl of just picked Strawberries from the Midtown Farmers Market. Enjoy this with grilled white meats, Spinach and strawberry salad with goat cheese or pick up some Cognac from RoCo and make an awesome batch of Rosé Sangria! Just add a little white nectarine and some fresh berries, grab some friends and float right down the River with a delicious drink.

Bieler Pere & Fils Aix-En-Provence 2019 Sabine Rosé is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon and Rolle grapes. This is a favorite of mine and has been a staple by the glass at many familiar restaurants in town. These grapes are coming from a region known as the “gold standard” of Rosé in France, Provence. Every year the blend changes depending on the winemakers thoughts on the different grapes going into the blend. The Syrah and Grenache definitely dominate the flavor components of this wine but the touch of Cabernet adds a beautiful layer and creates an amazing body to this wine. This is a wine I would bring to drink with Sashimi and Nigiri or again some backyard BBQ. But more than anything else, just get this in your glass and don’t worry about what to have with it, just sit back on your patio, relax and enjoy (of course while making your neighbors jealous the whole time).

Nick Mallon, Certified Sommelier