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Welcome to the best damn whiskey club around​

Wow, what a whirlwind of a year it’s been already!

We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you for being such dedicated members! Let’s kick off this year with a commitment to having a blast!

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with Allocation Nation! Designed for whiskey enthusiasts like you, it’s your chance to experience some of our one-of-a-kind barrel picks that promise excitement with every sip.

Allocation Nation has some fantastic perks lined up for you in the coming year, but undoubtedly, the crème de la crème is what you signed up for: highly sought after one of a kind barrel picks!

Last year was an absolute blast, and it’s all thanks to your enthusiastic participation and enjoyment of the picks we curated. Let’s elevate this club to new heights of interactivity! We’re excited to involve all 150 members in our communication channels, ensuring everyone feels engaged and connected. In the words of Ro, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for making whiskey “fun again.”


  • $120 plus tax quarterly for local pick up

  • $135 plus tax quarterly for shipping customers

Members who choose local pick up have 30 days from the day of the release to pick up the bottles or pay $5 for delivery in the Greater Sacramento Area. 

If the bottles are not picked up within 30 days we reserve the right to resell the bottle and you will not receive a refund. Unfortunately we don’t have the room for the extra bottles which is why we have to take these drastic measures.

Benefits of joining Allocation Nation

  • Virtual tasting for each quarter release via zoom or IG live with the release

  • With each release, you’ll receive a unique cocktail recipe.

  • You will be provided with a 10% coupon that can be used as many times as you would like on online purchases. Excluding specials ie: whiskey of the week, other special discounted deals, barrel picks, allocated bottles and Allocation Nation subscription, brown bag, mystery boxes. Please do not share this promo code with your friends if a non-member does use this code the order will be cancelled and they will be banned from purchasing from our site.   

  • Exclusive whiskey deals monthly  

  • Special Mystery box for Allocation Nation quarterly to spread the love of Allocated Whiskey

  • Monthly Zoom tastings, provided by BRBN Boys and featuring a representative from the distillery, will be announced for sign-ups. There will be limited spots so you will have to sign up to be a part of these tastings.

  • Celebrate your birthday in style with the opportunity to choose from a selection of highly allocated whiskeys for purchase! We’ll present you with 3-5 enticing options, depending on availability.

  • Place six orders with us online, and after your sixth order, you’ll receive a free shirt or hat!

  • Enjoy guaranteed first access to bottles from new distilleries entering the California market. 

  • Experience a discounted tasting event, hosted by either Ro or a member of BRBN Boys, accommodating up to 30 participants and featuring 4-6 pours. Feel free to reach out and inquire without hesitation!

  • You’ll have the exhilarating advantage of gaining first access to any bottle signing events.

  • Each time we host a 5-second whiskey game room, five lucky members of Allocation Nation will receive exclusive invitations.


Ro and other RCWS members meticulously selected these bottles. While the exact order of their release is uncertain, the listed bottles are as follows:

  • Four Roses
  • Peerless Double Oak Rye
  • Nulu Maple Bourbon
  • Rare Character Bourbon

For the Future - Whiskey Business

Exciting news ahead! Whiskey Business marks our thrilling new venture as we transform our tap room into an exclusive whiskey lounge. Once the conversion is complete, get ready for some fantastic benefits coming your way!

  • Monthly release of cocktail recipes

  • One cocktail on us a month 

  • When Whiskey Business opens, an exclusive membership opportunity awaits, and Allocation Nation Members will have the exhilarating privilege of first right of refusal.

How to Become a Roco Insider

How often We deeply appreciate the love and support we receive from each of you individually. While we understand that everyone has their own spending preferences and comfort levels, we cherish every form of support you offer. We’ve outlined various ways for you to contribute within everyone’s means over the course of a year through our RoCo Allocation Nation program. We offer a range of options to become an insider, including monthly barrel picks, special releases, and everyday sippers. While we don’t expect you to participate in everything, we encourage your support in the whiskey game in any way you can. Alot of blood, sweat, and tears goes in to our barrel picks so we really appreciate it when you purchase them!

Patience – Please try to understand how our business works. As a member of the Insider please know we will never have enough of the highly allocated bottles for everyone in this membership. 


Friendly Have yourself be seen i.e. join Instagram Live, join RCWS, introduce yourself to Ro in the store. 


Can we have an honest conversation – If you feel like you should be a part of the Insider please reach out and we can review your profile.


Whiskey enthusiast – Sip it! Enjoy It! Have Fun!

Help Us Get to Know You

This year we would really like to make Allocation Nation a community. We would like to get to know you all better.

  • There will be 2 days a month when Ro will be available to talk about anything whiskey with you! You will be notified when that will be beforehand. You’ll be able to communicate with him via phone, text, email, or Instagram live.

  • Share your experiences and your whiskey stories with us. 

  • If you have any special life events coming up let us know how we can make them more special!

  • For members who aren’t in the area – If you are going to visit us you can have an exclusive tasting experience with Ro himself. Please let us know a couple weeks in advance!


Unfortunately, we’re unable to hold onto other orders for several months to include them in your Allocation Nation shipment.


The membership be can be cancelled at anytime.

Join the club now!