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Welcome to the best damn whiskey club around​

Whew, what a year it has been already!

We thank you all for being loyal members! Let’s start off by saying let’s have fun this year!

The Allocation Nation will provide you with many benefits this upcoming year, but the best benefit is exactly what you’re paying for, the Allocated Barrel Picks quarterly!

We started this club at the beginning of 2022 with 150 members and ended with only 127. Why you ask? Most of those members who were eliminated from the club only wanted to be in it for the highly allocated “tater” bottles and when they didn’t get them with what we thought was a fair process, they would get upset with us like we “owed” them something. In Ro’s words it was “not fun anymore.” So lets have fun!

Benefits of joining Allocation Nation

  • You will be provided with a 10% coupon that can be used as many times as you would like on online purchases. Excluding specials ie: whiskey of the week, other online deals, barrel picks, allocated bottles and Allocation Nation subscription (if you have any questions about the coupon usage you can email ( Please do not share this promo code with your friends if a non-member does use this code the order will be cancelled and they will be banned from purchasing from our site.  
  • You will get 2 free drinks (pint of beer or glass of wine) month at the re-invented tap room Hops and Grapes.  
  • 10% off River City Whiskey Society Tasting Dinners  
  • Reward Point system  
  • Other double point opportunities  
  • Exclusive whiskey deals  
  • Virtual tasting for each quarter release via zoom or IG live  
  • Cocktail recipe with each release  
  • 5 members will be invited to the the RoCo Insider every quarter this is based on merit. ie. Members who purchase daily sippers not just Allocated bottle or Barrel Picks  

Club point system

With that being said, we are finally launching the reward point system! We still have some quirks to figure out but it’s happening.

For the first month/until we give the go ahead we ask that you email  with a copy of your online order or a picture of your receipt from your store purchase so we can assure that the point system is accurately reflecting.

Below is the breakdown of how you can receive and redeem the points.

  • For each quarter you are a member of the Allocation Nation you will receive 230 points. If at any point you cancel the membership your points will be forfeited.
  • You can earn 2 points per dollar when purchasing RCWS Picks, RoCo picks, and Daddy Ro Bucks. If there are other double point items it will be listed on the item.
  • All other purchases made at RoCo online or in store will be valued at 1 point per $1.00
  • You will have access to the RoCo Insider website and there you can see how many points are needed for any particular bottle and if there is anything that catches your eye and you have enough point please reach out to for a special password to make your purchase.


We have needed to increase the cost due to inflation and bottle prices going up.

  • $115 plus tax quarterly for pick up
  • $120 plus tax for delivery within 40 miles if you are unable to pick up
  • $135 plus tax quarterly for shipping customers

Members who choose local pick up have 14 days from the day of the release to pick up the bottles and if the bottles are not picked up within that time we have 2 options.

We can charge you a $5.00 delivery fee for deliveries within a 40-mile radius
We will cancel your membership and open it up to someone else, charge a $50 restock fee, reward points will be forfeited and refund the remainder of your membership fee.

The membership be can be cancelled at anytime but please know that once you cancel your membership your reward points will be forfeited.

As we mentioned above please only join this club if you are looking forward to the Allocated Barrel Picks but one of the perks of this club is that you will get points towards the purchase of the highly Allocated bottles at Retail. Highly Allocated bottles are not guaranteed for members they are a possible perk. For clarification below we have listed the way Allocated bottles will be distributed this year.  

  • RoCo Insider  
  • Allocation Nation Points  
  • Mystery Boxes  
  • Combos  


In the words of the one and only Ro “Lets make whiskey fun again!”  

If you have any further questions please reach out to  


Join the club now!