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Amaro Petrus Boonekamp


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Petrus Boonekamp Amaro

  • Bitter liqueur originating in the Netherlands in the 1700s, now produced by Italian distiller, Gruppo Caffo
  • Also called “l’amarissimo” in Italy, which translates to “the very bitter one”
  • A base of neutral grain alcohol infused with approximately 20 herbs and spices including gentian, Thai ginger, licorice, fennel, and star anise; the full recipe is kept secret
  • Aromatics are agitated in stainless steel for a minimum of 30 days
  • A nose of fennel, vanilla, dried ginger, and oxidized white flowers leads to a bold and bitter palate of salted licorice candy, gentian, and black pepper with a dry finish that reverberates with eucalyptus
  • 45% ABV

Traditionally enjoyed after meals, neat and at room temperature, this is a liqueur that pulls no punches; ideal for true lovers of bitter spirits or anyone looking for a digestive that can stand up to the heartiest of feasts.