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Cumbrita De La Sierra – Destilado de Agave, Ensamble, Lechuguilla/chawi

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Cumbrita De La Sierra

Ensamble – Lechuguilla & Chawi

  • Destilado de Agave produced in Yierbaniz, Batopilas, Chihuahua
  • Maestro Destilador Dolores González
  • Produced from 60% Lechuguilla (A. shrevei) and 40% Chawi (A. multifilifera)
  • Cooked using Encino oak in a conical earthen oven covered with pine needle duff
  • Milled by hand using ax and wooden mallet
  • Fermented in stone & clay basin using spring water
  • Distilled twice, using a unique hybrid still called a tren, made of copper, steel, and Encino oak
  • Wildly diverse profile; lactic notes of yogurt, sweet cream, and parmesan rind play against lemon zest, vanilla bean, and a cornucopia of fruity red vibes—from hibiscus hips to strawberry candy, Red Zinger tea, and fresh tobacco leaf; a vegetal underpinning of cedar and quinine lend weight to the finish after an otherwise lean and cool minerality
  • Distilled in October 2023; 160 liters produced
  • 47.5% ABV (ABV may vary batch to batch)

Another hyper-rare curio, this unusual ensamble from maestro Dolores González combines his signature Agave shreveiwith Agave multifilifera—a species typically used as a decorative succulent, small in size and featuring a dense cluster of narrow leaves (pencas) with cream-colored edges and a thin webbing of marginal threads, like someone was building a nest of white hairs in the plant’s heart, earning it nicknames like “Starshine” and “Silly String” among American gardeners.