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King Herradura Double Barrel Reposado Tequila


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Herradura King Of Kentucky Double Barrel Reposado Tequila 


100% De Agave

Only 2 Barrels of the Herradura Reposad aged in King of Kentucky Barrels came to California.  1 for Southern California and 1 for Northern California.  You Favorite Bottle Shop RoCo Obviously got the only Barrel in the Northern California.


~~~~ Double Barrel ~~~~

Tequila Herradura, in Collaboration with King of Kentucky, A limited release Edition Bourbon with a Brand Rich in History and Barrel heritage, offers a Unique and unparalleled Tequila Experience.


The special edition of the Double Barrel Reposado marries these two products into an exceptional and delicious tequila.  The 11-Month old Reposado liquid is aged for and additional 7 months in a King of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel.  The additional aging gives the tequla a rich amber color.

Aromas: Light Smoke, with Red Fruit, Spice, Toasted nuts and grains.

Flavors: Notes of Buttery Vanilla and Caramel

Finish:  Sweet & Smooth.

We are proud to bring together the best traditions of Kentucky and of Mexico in One bottle.




Bottle 1, Bottles 2