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RCWS August Barrel Pick: Stellum Single Rye Barrel

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RCWS August Barrel Pick

Stellum Single Rye Barrel – 117.92 Proof


How do we beat this heat RCWS?!?
Drum roll please…. A presale tonight starting at 7pm for a Friday pickup of our September pick!
RCWS Stellum Rye Pick coming in at 117.92 proof with a mashbill of 95% Rye & 5% Barley Malt. $59.99 and only 120 bottles
If you are Rye head like me you’ll enjoy this and if you aren’t into the ryes, this is a really good introductory one.
Nose: Delicious baked fruits of apple and pear with a flavor bomb of baking spices. A warm note with a welcome and inviting rye
Palate: Honey and sweetness right away with traditional bourbon notes of vanilla, toffee, oak and a cinnamon custard punch. Toasted nuts to round it off and a nice viscosity while the spice develops
Finish: Lingering dry rye finish, a punch of spice and heat with a hint of mint
Personally this is one I’m really excited about 🥃
Who is ready?!?!