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RCWS March Barrel Pick – Heaven’s Door RCWS “Door To Heaven”

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RCWS March Barrel Pick

RCWS “Door To Heaven” 

Heaven’s Door Distillery


Tasting Notes:

When you open RCWS’s personal Door to Heaven this burly beast will knock you back with it’s 121.83% ABV. But don’t let it scare you, instead let it ravish and regale your senses. The nose comes at you like a lazy Sunday morning breakfast, full of crepes stuffed with Carmel kisses, maple syrup, and sprinkles with cinnamon. Pairing that down in the palate the barrel presents itself almost tipping the scales to being out of balance but the subtle honey biscuits brings it back down to balance town. And when the door closes, you’ll be in Heaven with lingering baking spices and vanilla.


ABV: 61.15%

Proof: 122.3

Barrel: 27801