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River City Whiskey Society 1792 Barrel Picks 2024


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River City Whiskey Society 1792 Barrel Picks 2024


3 bottle Release!!! 

You can get all 3 for $129.99 or individually for $65.99

1. 1792 Bottled in Bond This bottle makes an early impression with a punch of dark fruit on the nose, accompanied by subtle hints of its 100 proof. On the palate, you’ll experience candied oranges, light floral notes, and a touch of oak. The proof is evident but not overwhelming. The finish is short, leaving a lingering hint of oak and a touch of toffee.

2. 1792 Single Barrel This one tickles the nostrils with a burst of citrus acidity at first, followed by softer vanilla notes upon revisits. The palate is greeted by lemon custard, moving past the subtle standard bourbon notes, with a surprising lack of the typical dark fruit characteristic of 1792. The slightly lower proof is noticeable but not detrimental. The finish is medium, with traces of leather and oak.

3. 1792 Full Proof This bottle makes a bold entrance but quickly offers a warm embrace. The nose needs a moment to rest, revealing sweet caramel at first, followed by a strong undercurrent of vanilla. The palate presents an herbaceous fruit flan note, finishing with pecan toffee. It definitely drinks warmer, though the Bottled in Bond seemed even hotter


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