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Rivery City Whiskey Society: Ezra Brooks Cask Strength Barrel Pick


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River City Whiskey Society

Ezra Brooks Cask Strength Barrel Pick

“U R Not Pickin a Candle”

ABV: 62% 

Proof: 124

Tasting Notes: 
Nose: cherry almond extract, cracked pepper corn
Taste: cocoa powder, coconut sugar, allspice, laxardo cherry 🍒, clove, mace, mint, star anise
Finish: medium bodied, refreshing with a hint of pepper mint
Why “U R Not Picking a Candle”
😂 You might be wondering that is an Odd name. It has a funny story behind it. That is why you can see all of us smelling candles 🕯️ lol. So we picked Four Roses right before this. Then few of our members Dharmendra Sharma Jason Ornellas left us and rest of the team was on its way to Bardstown to Lux Row. We got to Lux Row and we were Greater by the young man standing in the middle. He was a young college kid right out of college and into this job. He was also our Barrel Coordinator. When we sat down to pick the Barrel and are going through the samples. This gentleman goes “You are Not Pickin a Candle”. You should taste the whiskey to pick a good bottle of whiskey. Not by nosing each samples. Lol 😂. Which we all found Hillarious and little rude. But at the end of the day they hooked us up fat in the Gift Shop so we were a little less pissed and we also saw some candles and got him to take a picture with us. That is why we named the Barrel Pick “U R Not Pickin a Candle” lol all based on taste. Jk. The nose is amazing and the taste profile Even better!

1 Bottle, 2 Bottles